With over 40 years of experience, Manoment has gained thorough understanding in scientific botanical research, environmental problem-solving and technical knowledge to the administration of the Clear Water Carbon Fund.

Our Mission

The primary goal for Clear Water Carbon Fund is to partner with local eco-friendly projects by creating a strong network of options in local carbon reduction. While the nation has made significant efforts and progress in cleaning up our water resources, we are still facing environmental challenges with the quality of water.

So far, more than 60 volunteers have taken part of the tree planting. We hope to educate the youth about the future of our environment and help them learn the importance of our ecosystems.

Supporting local tree planting helps provide a direct way to make a difference in climate change while protecting fresh water. We have spent more 500 hours planting trees and building proper maintenance with the assistance of our sponsors.

Trees purchased from the Clear Water Carbon Fund will be planted and maintained near rivers and streams. The funds from every purchase with go towards continuous monitoring and verification of carbon sequestration, land rental payments to compensate owners for lost income. We partner with local land trusts to help us find willing landowners and oversee the complete ground monitoring.