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Featured Contributor of January

steemwhalesContributor of January – SteemWhales!

Our contributor of the month is SteemWhales, a statistics website for a crypto currency called Steem. Trust us when we say we are not familiar with this at all. We had a lengthy talk with the founder and creator of SteemWhales and he believes that crypto currency will be a way of the future.

After our discussion with him and also doing some reading on our own. We’ve come to learn that this new and upcoming “currency” is essentially created from nothing. It depends on the platform they are created from, different currencies work different ways. One of them being Steemit. The Steem currency is distributed to members of a social network very much like an online forum, where the community creates discussions and content. The Steem currency is then distributed to users who participate in said discussion, and also awarded to users with high quality content.

This sounds like a good way of rewarding community members who are contributing more value. We’re still not sure of how much real value this cryto currency concept truly holds, but apparently by using online exchanges like Poloniex you are able to convert and exchange any kind of currency and then convert them to USD, or our real world currency.

There’s still a lot more going on for Steem and SteemWhales, which we of course will not be going through in this post since there’s far too much to cover, and we are personally not experts at this subject matter. If you are interested to find out more about this, you can visit the SteemWhales website here –

In the meantime, thank you for reading monthly contributor post. We’d like to thank SteemWhales for their generous contribution, and also like to urge any one and every one reading this post to spread the knowledge and educate the people around you! It would help if you could share our website with them, or even just some simple tips for them to start changing and making the environment around them a better place to live in.

Featured Contributor of December

This month’s feature will be focused around another company that’s related to our previous featured contributor. We love talking about these interesting companies because the industry they are in just seems so different and something that we’re not used to. This month’s contributor is the company Boostards. Similarly to our previous contributors, LoL Academy, they provide boosting services for a game called Overwatch.

Apparently with this game, and the new ranking system that they adopted it allows players to challenge one another in an online battlefield, and accrue points for doing so. The highest ranking players at the end of every season are awarded special items and extra points for being the best in the game. Of course, all of this seems very alien to us, but to them and all these gamers it comes naturally!

We can’t get enough of these guys, they’re really nice people and they seem to have a fresh perspective on many things including our cause. When asked about what they think is the best way to go about saving our planet, the Boostards representative said that we can all start with eating less red meat. I would never have expected someone who plays video games for a living to be aware of this, and most people are not either. The fact that the breeding of cows for meat causes more damage to our planet than CO2 emissions from cars is a very surprising fact for most people. This young man, however, is knowledgable and honestly sincere in spreading the good cause.

We’re proud of these young entrepreneurs and thankful for their contribution and good intentions. We thank them also for continuing to educate the people around them. We will do the same in the hopes of making our planet a better place to live for us and our children.

Thank you all for reading this short post and thank you again to Boostards for their time and contribution. If any of you are interested in reading more about their Overwatch boosting service, please head on over to their website to explore.

Trees are a Renewable Resource, and Forests?


However, forests are not. This is a important fact that many people misunderstand. It is also our mission to go out there and educate the masses. We hope that by reading this post you are able to understand more about trees, forests, and our environment. If possible, please share our post to any of your friends and family as that would help our cause a lot.

Trees are a renewable resource because of how we are able to plant them and harvest them, much like any other crop. They provide clean air and sometimes other kinds of resources like rubber and fruit. A forest, however, is more than just trees. It is filled with a variety of animals and organisms. When people talk about cutting down trees as part of a forest, but leaving the forest intact, this is a very strange statement as trees take up a majority stake in any forest.

Of course, it’s possible to cut and remove a select number of trees from any forest without entirely demolishing the forest, but the death of frees and their growth are part of how a forest works. Even the gaps between the canopy of leaves and branches are essential to the survival of certain species living on the ground of the forest.


Trees can take years or even decades to grow, and logging companies simply do not see the crucial need to replant trees after they are done with their commercial activities. As of now, the forest population on Earth has dwindled. You may be tricked by the lines of trees planted along the highways and roads, into thinking that they are abound and plenty, but that’s just an illusion.

Many people think that forests are an infinite resource. That we can never run out of trees because trees grow in forests, and forests are everywhere. It goes without a saying that the loss of trees and forest land has resulted in climate change over the past few decades. Most people are unaware of how much the human demand for wood and paper have created an worldwide ecological problem for our planet. If you truly know the full scope of things, you would be amazed at how much this problem has caused us, in terms of the environment and our planet’s sustained life.

All that’s said and done, there is still room for us to recover from this. Mistakes were made, but if we come together as a planet of people, cognizant about the problems our mother Earth is facing, we can turn this around. As much as deforestation has been progressing at shocking rates, we can still fix this.

We need to stop making excuses for ourselves and stop this greed that has driven our species into turning against the very thing that has provided us since the beginning of time.

If you truly believe that forests and trees are a renewable resource, we strongly recommend that you take some time to rethink, share this post with as many people as you can, and if possible, contribute to the Clear Water Carbon Fund and plant a tree yourself.

Featured Contributor of the Month

We will be using our blog to start featuring businesses or individuals whom we have worked with or who have contributed to our fund. These are people who are devoted to the cause of creating a better environment and ecosystem for our future generation, and the least we could do would be to share some part of them here on our blog so that more people can learn about them, as well as our tree planting efforts and non-profit work in some of the lesser fortunate countries in the world.

Our first feature will be of LoL Academy, the owner has sent us a very generous contribution and we will be putting their money to good use in one of our newer projects in Namibia. As someone who is also very concerned in our planet’s well-being and current state of the ecosystem, we are surprised to find out that they are a small gaming company, or company that deals with online game services. This is interesting because it’s the first time any of us have heard of such an industry.

Apparently, LoL Academy services a very niche and specific audience out of the entire gaming population, and the more we find out about this, the more intrigued we are. They provide a service called “lol elo boosting” and this is apparently a process that helps gamers obtain a higher rank in the game, at a small cost. Apart from this, there’s not much else that we can understand about what they do because of how unfamiliar we are with this topic.

Illustration from the official game website

Illustration from the official game website

Nonetheless, we’d like to express our heartfelt thanks to not just LoL Academy and their elo boosting services, but every single one of our partners and contributors, be it small or big, in this month of September. With the relaunch of our website, we did not know what to expect, but coming into it, it seems that things are moving along very well. We are learning to make use of our online presence and social media much better than we used to, ever since we hired someone to help us with this full-time.

As a final note, we’d like to urge everyone who is reading this, if you have stumbled across this post by accident, or you are customers of LoL Academy, take some time to look through some of the resources we have posted on our blog. You do not need to read everything, but some of this knowledge and taking some small steps in your daily lives can really make a big difference to helping our environment and keeping our planet healthy for the many generations to come, of people who live on planet Earth.

Here are a few articles that might be useful to read as a starting point:

Again, we appreciate the generous contribution from LoL Academy, we wish them the best of luck with their elo boosting business, and we’d like to thank everyone again for taking the time to read any of our resources, and who plan on taking any action to start helping us make our home a more habitable place for the future.

5 Facts About Water that Most People Don’t Know


Most of us already know that without water, we would not be able to survive. More than 40,000 people die from drinking contaminated water and unsafe living conditions? Organizations like Clear Water Carbon Fund help create sustainable infrastructures to help maintain clean water.

Here are five facts about water that most people don’t know.

1. Water is scarce in developing countries


In most developing countries, women and children are forced to spend their time collecting water rather than generating income, attending school or caring for their family. Approximately 2.8 billion people live in areas affected by water shortage. Water scarcity affects not only agricultural productivity but also human health, the growth of commercial and industrial sections as well.

2. More people have access to wireless technology than toilets


Due to the lack of proper sanitary conditions, tons of untreated waste ends up in water sources. The quality of water will become contaminated – ultimately causing death and disease.

3. China, Mexico, and the US are the top bottled water consumers


The US alone drinks an average of 200 bottles of water a year. Almost 18 million barrels of oil are needed to develop those water bottles – approximately 85% of which never gets recycled.

4. Agriculture uses the most water resources


More than 70% of the world’s water source goes to the agricultural sector. In some developing countries, farmers used almost 90% of water. Although water covers more than 75% of the only 3% is fresh.

5. Climate change is predicted to affect water resources


An anticipated variation of rainfall and temperature will affect water availability and increase the severity of droughts and floods. Climate change will also disrupt the ecosystems that maintain water supply.

Bottom Line

We need more technological innovations to reduce water scarcity. With the brutal realities of water shortage around the world, more and more people must commit to ensuring clean water for a sustainable future.

How Can NGOs Contribute to the Development of Local Communities?


A Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) is a non-profit organization separated from the government. They receive their funding from donations and volunteers. NGOs are groups of diverse organizations take part in different activities in every region of the world. There is a wide variety of roles that NGOs play regarding of helping the local community.

So, how can NGOs contribute to the development of the local community? Here’s how:

Facilitate Communication

NGOs use personal methods of communication to gain the trust of the local community. The also take part in the feasibility of their projects as the primary job of their role is to communicate with the policy-makers of the government, which is where they learn more about the lives, skills, culture, and attitudes of the local community.

Develop and Operate Infrastructure

Organizations based in the community work to cooperate, acquire, subdivide and develop spaces, build housing, provide, operate and maintain forms of support. NGOs also produce the supply of building materials. In most cases, they ask for technical assistance from higher-level NGOs or governmental agencies.

Support Demonstration Projects and Innovation

NGOs have the higher advantage of choosing particular areas for innovative projects. Their support helps overcome many of the shortcomings that local governments face.

Advocate for the Poor

In many cases, NGOs become spokespeople for the poor in an attempt to influence government aid on their behalf. NGOs speak through a variety of means from pilot projects and demonstrations to public forum participation.

Research, Monitor, and Evaluate

Activities must be reported and shared with the public to ensure effective monitoring to share the results with the community and project staff.

NGOs work to develop projects and training activities with both formal and non-formal education. Additionally, non-governmental organizations are widely engaged in training teachers, principals and strengthening the associations within the school.

3 Reasons Why Planting Trees is So Important


Why are planting trees so important? According to the environmental protection agencies, if we want to save our planet from destroying itself, we must plant more trees. Not only will trees remove harmful chemicals from the soil, but it will help reduce the greenhouses that lead to higher environmental footprints.

Here are 3 Reasons Why Planting Trees is So Important:

1. Trees Produce Oxygen

Let’s face it – without oxygen, we would cease to exist. A mature tree produces more oxygen in a season than ten people breath in a year. Many of us don’t realize or fully understand that the forest works as a large filter to clean the air we breathe.

2. Trees Clean the Soil & Air

Phytoremediation is the absorption of dangerous toxins and chemicals that enter the soil. Trees work to either store or change the harmful pollutants into less harmful forms. They filter sewage and chemicals, clean oil spills, reduce the effects of dangerous animal wastes and clean the water.

Trees also clean the air by intercepting harmful airborne particles, absorbing pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen dioxide. Trees work to lower air temperatures by retaining particulates and respiration.

3. Trees Help Mitigate the Effects of Weather

With the adverse effects of climate change around the world, people are witnessing the consequences of habitat change, drought, and ice melt. Trees can help diverse the effects of severe weather. They hold the soil to prevent flash floods and downpours. The shade from trees decreases the effects of heat waves as trees usually survive droughts better than plants. They also absorb carbon to prevent excessive climate change while provided food and shelter for species.

Bottom Line

Grab a shovel and start digging. There are not enough trees to completely offset the changes of global warming. We can reduce this by planting more trees.