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How Can NGOs Contribute to the Development of Local Communities?


A Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) is a non-profit organization separated from the government. They receive their funding from donations and volunteers. NGOs are groups of diverse organizations take part in different activities in every region of the world. There is a wide variety of roles that NGOs play regarding of helping the local community.

So, how can NGOs contribute to the development of the local community? Here’s how:

Facilitate Communication

NGOs use personal methods of communication to gain the trust of the local community. The also take part in the feasibility of their projects as the primary job of their role is to communicate with the policy-makers of the government, which is where they learn more about the lives, skills, culture, and attitudes of the local community.

Develop and Operate Infrastructure

Organizations based in the community work to cooperate, acquire, subdivide and develop spaces, build housing, provide, operate and maintain forms of support. NGOs also produce the supply of building materials. In most cases, they ask for technical assistance from higher-level NGOs or governmental agencies.

Support Demonstration Projects and Innovation

NGOs have the higher advantage of choosing particular areas for innovative projects. Their support helps overcome many of the shortcomings that local governments face.

Advocate for the Poor

In many cases, NGOs become spokespeople for the poor in an attempt to influence government aid on their behalf. NGOs speak through a variety of means from pilot projects and demonstrations to public forum participation.

Research, Monitor, and Evaluate

Activities must be reported and shared with the public to ensure effective monitoring to share the results with the community and project staff.

NGOs work to develop projects and training activities with both formal and non-formal education. Additionally, non-governmental organizations are widely engaged in training teachers, principals and strengthening the associations within the school.