Featured Contributor of December

This month’s feature will be focused around another company that’s related to our previous featured contributor. We love talking about these interesting companies because the industry they are in just seems so different and something that we’re not used to. This month’s contributor is the company Boostards. Similarly to our previous contributors, LoL Academy, they provide boosting services for a game called Overwatch.

Apparently with this game, and the new ranking system that they adopted it allows players to challenge one another in an online battlefield, and accrue points for doing so. The highest ranking players at the end of every season are awarded special items and extra points for being the best in the game. Of course, all of this seems very alien to us, but to them and all these gamers it comes naturally!

We can’t get enough of these guys, they’re really nice people and they seem to have a fresh perspective on many things including our cause. When asked about what they think is the best way to go about saving our planet, the Boostards representative said that we can all start with eating less red meat. I would never have expected someone who plays video games for a living to be aware of this, and most people are not either. The fact that the breeding of cows for meat causes more damage to our planet than CO2 emissions from cars is a very surprising fact for most people. This young man, however, is knowledgable and honestly sincere in spreading the good cause.

We’re proud of these young entrepreneurs and thankful for their contribution and good intentions. We thank them also for continuing to educate the people around them. We will do the same in the hopes of making our planet a better place to live for us and our children.

Thank you all for reading this short post and thank you again to Boostards for their time and contribution. If any of you are interested in reading more about their Overwatch boosting service, please head on over to their website to explore.