The Clear Water Carbon Fund has taken a fresh take on protecting the ecosystem by connecting interested individuals who are willing to handle the costs for associated benefits and help us plant trees. Landowners and sellers help us provide extra effort in reforestation of riverbanks and streams. If you are interested in contributing to the fund, helping us plant a tree, or becoming a long term partner, please send us an email to, we reply to all queries within 24 hours. 

When you purchase threes from the Clear Water Carbon Fund, your efforts will help us achieve the following:

1. Create the opportunity of verified carbon offset over time 
2. Invest more funds into local projects that help sustain local communities and their economy 
3. Protect and maintain wildlife habitat and clean water while removing carbon from the atmosphere 

The Clear Water Carbon Fund is currently working with partners located in Vermont and Maine to:

  • Provide over $25,000 in financial benefits
  • Plant thousands of trees in four watersheds, including White River watershed and the Sebago Lake watershed.
  • Engage the community in tree planting activities and learn more about how we can preserve clean water
  • Educate students on stewardship and watersheds

Over a period of time, these trees alone will remove over one million pounds of carbon dioxide contained from the atmosphere, filter pollutants and toxins to keep water safe and clean, create wildlife habitat, enhance recreational opportunities to keep water clean.